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We are pleased to welcome you here on the FORUM MENSCHENRECHTE (FMR) website and hope that you find all the information you need. The following posts are supposed to give you a brief overview of who we are and what we do. Down below you will find an introduction to our ‚working groups‘ and their work in the field of human rights. In case of any remaining questions, please contact us (

Our aim

By implementing joint projects we aim to improve the protection of human rights worldwide. Through our public engagement we create awareness in regards to human rights issues amongst the public an draw attention to human rights violations as well as the advancement of human rights policies.

FMR and its members

FMR serves as a networking platform for our roundabout 50 member organisations, which guarantees the exchange of all relevant informations on human rights issues and facilitates cooperation in their advocacy work towards national and international institutions.

Our members engage actively in the advancement of human rights and select their focus individually. The network offers different opportunities and projects to engage with and invites every member to work in at least one group of choice.

Presentation FMR-Aide Mémoires to Foreign MInister Baerbock, Berlin, 28.08.2023, copyright Auswärtiges Amt

Berlin and beyond

Press releases and policy papers, e.g. demands on human rights policies in regards to parliamentary elections, are some of our main activities in Germany.

We also participate in HRC´s Universal Periodic Review (UPR) on Germany with joint statements and side events in Geneva, Switzerland.

We promote communication and further aspects of sustainable cooperation among the local, regional and national NGO´s. We support them individually as well as collectively to establish a communication based process that serves not only in Germany but enables a collaboration on an international level.

Annual meeting FMR discussing HR issues with Foreign Minister Baerbock Berlin, 28.08.2023, Copyright Auswärtiges Amt
Foreign Minister Baerbock with FMR-Aide Mémoires 2023, Berlin, 28.08.2023, Copyright Auswärtiges Amt

Our ‚Working Groups‘

Every member organisation is expected to participate in at least one of them. They are responsible for preparing joint statements, policy papers, information material etc. and initiate campaigns, public events and expert panels as well as promote communication with politicians and institutions working on their issues. Below you find the main contacts and further information. If you want to learn more, don’t hesitate to contact us!