English Summary

Forum Menschenrechte (FMR) is a network of  50 German non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who are committed to better and more comprehensive protection of human rights – worldwide, in specific regions of the world, within countries and also within the Federal Republic of Germany. The Forum was established in 1994 following the International Human Rights Conference in Vienna.

Our objectives:

  • to monitor critically the human rights policy of the German Government and the German Bundestag (parliament) at both the national and international level;
  • to implement joint projects with the aim of improving the protection of human rights worldwide;
  • to create an awareness about human rights issues amongst the German public at large, to draw attention, when required, to human rights violations in Germany and to work for their resolution;
  • to guarantee an exchange of all relevant informations on human rights issues between the member organizations;
  • to support local, regional and national NGOs in the international aspects of their work and to promote an international network of NGOs in general.

How we work:

Various working groups of the Forum are responsible for preparing joint statements and information material and for organizing campaigns, public meetings and forums of experts. The FORUM MENSCHENRECHTE is closely cooperating with NGOs at both the European and international level.

FMR-activities are coordinated by a board of usually eight persons elected by the affiliates of the Forum, representing the entire spectrum of member organizations. Members of the coordination board of the FMR are since January 2018:

Elise Bittenbinder, BAfF

Günter Burkhardt, PRO ASYL

Dr. Julia Duchrow, Brot für die Welt

Dr. Lisa Heemann, DGVN

Alexia Knappmann, Amnesty International

Dr. Michael Krennerich, Nürnberger Menschenrechtszentrum

Dr. Jochen Motte, Vereinte Evangelische Mission

Jonas Schubert, terre des hommes

The FMR-Office has its seat in the „Haus der Demokratie und Menschenrechte“ in Berlin. The Forum funds its activities through contributions from its affiliated organizations.